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You’ve come to the right site! Perhaps you are a working parent wanting extra hours to spend more quality time with fam bam or an individual who does not fancy the hardships associated with cleaning. Our experienced housekeeping service heroes are just what you actually need. We have a lot of ace cards like professionals across Vancouver who are ready to be hired by you to take care of your beloved house’s needs. Whether you need our service for merely a few hours or on a weekly basis our staff is ready to help you carry out the daunting chores.

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You will no longer have to bear unreasonable financial sufferings when our service is around. A hefty sum of cash will never leave your pocket, because for reasonable and economical rates our highly trained housekeeping service staff will turn your bear den or comfy spot into a clean dreamland. We have taken an oath to selectively use natural cleaning solutions that pose zero threats to our verdant mother Earth. These harmless chemicals alongside the talent of our employees are an ethereal combination that will brighten your residence.

Brighter Clean’s Deep Cleaning Service Options


Grab the attention of buyers and successfully sell your property faster with our professional presale house cleaning service in VancouveInvestvet in high-quality service.


If you are in the process of moving in we’re delighted to offer post sale house cleaning services. We know how much stepping into a beautifully cleaned home matters.

We Focus On Increasing The Satisfaction Of Customers

Our trustworthy eco-friendly cleaning workers are instructed to work with utmost dedication in order to go above your expectations. They’re delighted to implement natural measures since these resolutions are the key to enriching the health and cleanliness of any property.

“Honestly, I really appreciate the way BCS cleaners have been handling the routine cleaning of our offices. From quality cleaning, flexible schedules to great customer service. I definitely recommend them.” E. Broda, Metro Insure Ltd., Burnaby

“They were excellent and quick in replying to my emails/text messages and also didn’t hesitate to coordinate with my needs/request even though they were out of his paid responsibility. After cleaning, they also followed up with me on ‘after service’. From the start to the end, I was very pleased with their work.” A. White, Downtown Vancouver

“Honestly, I really appreciate the way BCS cleaners have been handling the routine cleaning of our offices. From quality cleaning, flexible schedules to great customer service. I definitely recommend them.” E. Broda, Metro Insure Ltd., Burnaby

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Schedule making is feasible through online booking as well as via an uncomplicated phone conversation between the operator and you.

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A diligent housekeeping service group will arrive at your place after your request is assessed. They will provide exceptional service.

Our Team For Your Service

You can run around in joy, inhale a fresh breath of oxygen and sit back to relax once our staff is successfully done with their duties.

10 Tips To Enchant Your Ordinary Housekeeping Service Process

Professionals reside on another level. Prior to commencing the difficult cleaning journey that often leaves them grasping at straws, these lads create a checklist in order to fish for more benefits from available resources and time. Attempting to plan things out in a time-saving manner is also essential. As an example leaving your washing machine on to get the laundry done is feasible while simultaneously getting your paperwork accomplished.


Do you know experts in human behaviour stipulate that when you’re in the mood for cleaning, you should pick any room and initiate the cleaning process clockwise? This hack is often implemented by professional housekeeping services to avoid missing any spots and items from receiving tender care. To drastically decrease the number of recleans placed by clients this measure is very useful.

Although housekeeping service cleaning experts adore carrying a trolley full of chemicals, they heavily make use of all-purpose cleaners. For an individual who wishes to step in and begin a solo cleaning journey these multi-purpose solutions can be a windfall. They are not only easier to move and store, but also you can purchase them in bulk which makes them cheaper in the long run.

Wouldn’t you pick up a non-stick frying pan to satisfy an early morning beacon craving? To navigate the pointer across your PC screen you’d operate the mouse. Likewise, using the correct tool for a housekeeping job can be really rewarding and make the process easy-peasy lemon squeezy! Low-grade melamine sponges for instance are the perfect candidate to get rid of uncompromising stains from your lavatory walls.

Many stubborn pigments, discoloured wooden items, carpet stains and chalk art on the walls do not easily cooperate and vanish within milliseconds. Housekeeping service professionals often let the products they use, sit on the surfaces for like 15minutes or more to derive flawless results.
It is advisable to set up a miniature rubbish bin right outside the entrance of your space. This will prevent unnecessary junk from hovering inside your house. Make certain the container is non-conspicuous to reduce the cluttered vibes it may emit. We have helped a lot of clients save valuable time by revealing this secret!
It’s not a concealed mystery that PB&J goes well together. So are cookies and milk! But certain things as beans and cheese does not complement each other. Similarly, mixing cleaning products that are mass-produced by manufacturers can be a terrible idea. Chemicals can either cancel out the reactions of each other or can bring about a chain of unfortunate circumstances.
Hiring a housekeeping service to maintain the beautiful order of a house is a very common tradition. However, it’s not recommended to go overboard and give the space an extensive clean every single day. This is because the daily usage of chemicals can wear your expensive toilet wear, damage the grout and it could be perceived as a burden to your mentality.
Allow us to unveil this pro tip. The power of steam is second to none! It goes hand in hand with almost any surface that surfs through your mind. A steamer is more than capable of decompressing and cushioning the unwavering grim, and fierce dirt, so afterwards you can wipe these baddies with a simple swipe of an old clothing piece.
Smaller fragments of hairs, dust and other material are difficult to get free of even with a meticulous vacuuming session or a careful sweeping job. Now even the infinity gauntlet can’t annihilate them with a finger snap. But dryer sheets are amazing to perform this very task. Housekeeping service professionals wrap these sheets over dusters and successfully clean hard-to-clean areas.

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Is Your Landlord radiating sour temperaments lately? Or does your previous tenant leave a humongous chaotic heap inside your property? Don’t suffocate in these worries alone sadly by yourself. Give our lease house cleaning service a quick call at +1-778-386-7442. We will be by your side at supersonic speed!

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