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Why Does Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Vision Matter?

Contrary to what ancient folks narrate, no generation is stuck in the grooves and pits of destiny. We have the authority to use our wings and change our polluted planet for a better cause. At Brighter Clean, while converging our vision into practice, we exercise a “Clean Green” routine. We are committed to using 100% natural and harmless substances and materials to meet your standards.

How Can Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Lighten Your Day?

The celestial goddess of earth deserves affection. So if you wish to show her some generosity, our service is what you need. As we specialized in providing quality service to clientele, whether they own organizations or commercial or personal properties, we are eager to use non-damaging cleaning products. Only EPA-certified or Green Seal-certified solutions would meet the surface of your property, and our highly trained cleaners share the same values as yours when it comes to saving our green globe.

We Focus On Increasing The Satisfaction Of Customers

Our trustworthy eco-friendly cleaning workers are instructed to work with utmost dedication in order to go above your expectations. They’re delighted to implement natural measures since these resolutions are the key to enriching the health and cleanliness of any property.

“Honestly, I really appreciate the way BCS cleaners have been handling the routine cleaning of our offices. From quality cleaning, flexible schedules to great customer service. I definitely recommend them.” E. Broda, Metro Insure Ltd., Burnaby

“They were excellent and quick in replying to my emails/text messages and also didn’t hesitate to coordinate with my needs/request even though they were out of his paid responsibility. After cleaning, they also followed up with me on ‘after service’. From the start to the end, I was very pleased with their work.” A. White, Downtown Vancouver

“Honestly, I really appreciate the way BCS cleaners have been handling the routine cleaning of our offices. From quality cleaning, flexible schedules to great customer service. I definitely recommend them.” E. Broda, Metro Insure Ltd., Burnaby

Call or Book Online

Once you reach us through the online platform or ring us up at +1-778-386-7442, the customer relations team will note down your preferred slot.

Receive The Confirmation

After your appointment is authorized, a confirmation alert will fly your way. Our professional cleaners in Vancouver will arrive on time and will not leave unless your property is squeaky-clean.

Unwind & Enjoy The Comfort

Bask in the sparkling glory of your freshly cleaned property. With our help, it’s needless to break a sweat to ravish the joys of a neat space.

What Is Eco-Friendly Cleaning & Why Is It Important?

Although people around the globe like to imply different definitions of the term “Going Green” the most relevant aim of eco-friendly cleaning is its objective to use solutions that retain us humans and the environment from becoming helpless prey of toxins. Here are some of the reasons why this initiative is crucial for earthlings.


Cleaning products that contain toxic essences negatively impact the health of your family, employees, colleagues, and even guests. These harmful substances hidden inside mainstream cleaning solutions can contribute to the expansion of dire illnesses such as cancer, breathing difficulties and prenatal disorders. The most effective solution to counterattack these enemies is the increased usage of harmless chemicals.


All species cohabit on our planet. As the only organisms who possess higher technological abilities, it’s our responsibility to protect wildlife, and aquatic life who are more at an intellectual disadvantage. Non-biodegradable solutions rarely consist of harmless chemicals so they pose a major threat towards these creatures who reside in ocean lands and outdoors. Eco-friendly cleaning products are perfect to lessen the risk of toxins mingling with nature.

Did you know most environmentally friendly products are typically wrapped in recyclable materials? This is to avoid the detrimental harm it causes to nature. Plastic has a love-hate relationship with everyone. Though it may have positive effects, it’s responsible for countless death of marine and wildlife. Thus, by converting to the daily use of eco-friendly cleaning products so many lives can be preserved.

It’s high time we disregard the myth about green products. Certain companies claim traditional solutions are more effective, thus shouldn’t be banished. But! There is no solid evidence to prove their words. In fact, some eco-friendly cleaning items made by caring hands are more gentle and far less damaging.

Most brands that produce harmless chemical solutions take pride in their innovations as well as their ingredients. The tendency of them to be fully transparent regarding the manufacturing process is really high so that you can have a better idea of what is integrated into the item you are using.

Most green clean products are made of plant-based components and elements extracted from nature. They pose minimal health risks, thus safer to use during the presence of pets or kids. You no longer have to stay on pins and needles while cleaning the house when your little ones are around. Their arms and paws would be protected.

Eco-friendly cleaning products do not harm their inside your home or commercial place. Unlike other chemicals which catch you off guard with their strong odours, these products are rather soothing to your senses. They will help you to improve the quality of air inside your space.

We’re Ready To Heave Your Stress Away

Despite the scale of your property, purifying it and addressing the hygienic concerns can be a straining nuisance. Hence, we bring an excellent cleaning service in Vancouver as a remedy to drown your sorrows away. Whether you want a crystal-clean house, lively business property, or a dazzling apartment, our cleaning team is ready to keep your property 100% sanitary and fresh.

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