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Enjoy Your Joyful Life, We’ll Endure The Cleaning Fuss

Brighter Clean is much more than a mere group of people. We are a team assembled with a sparkle of inspiration to give our precious clientele the absolute best they deserve. Our members have risen from the ashes to put tremendous effort into taking care of your property cleaning needs. To address the imbalance and water the growth of hygiene, we have specially trained our task squad.

We are driven by a sincere promise, and it is to never put our Mother Nature in grave danger. So, to pump a breath of life into the dull-spirited properties, grim-filled floors, and shockingly cluttered post-construction sites, we vow to only employ eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are miles away from ghastly toxic integrations.

The words of affirmation and astonishing 5-star reviews we’ve been gifted by our customers are like flower crowns that accessorize our accomplishments. To give you the No.1 customer experience you’ve ever received, our unsung cleaning heroes are armored with tech-savvy machinery, and they will ensure your property is clean as a newly curated artwork.

Brighter Clean has expanded our service solely for your convenience. So, not only the heart of Vancouver, but also any contract within beautiful locations such as Burnaby, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Downtown Vancouver, and Richmond will be covered by the team.


At brighter clean we are sincerely enthusiastic about creating a safer and cleaner environment. Whether you run a massive organization or live in a comfy home our team considers it their ultimate mission to allow you and your loved ones to unwind and garner the blessings of a professional cleaning service.


Our unwavering vision has always been to be the leading cleaning service in Vancouver that our clientele can proudly rely on. On our way to attain this achievement, while advancing our existing techniques and solutions, we strive to stabilize the basement of the ecological cleaning initiative.



Brighter Clean never fails to communicate effectively with customers, tackle the issues they are dealing with and arrive upon personal cleaning plans to satisfy their needs.


As our utmost priority circulates around ensuring the safety of both parties, we are encouraged to adhere to established safety protocols and implement lifesaving guidelines.


Transparency is highly valued within our organization. Hidden charges, unfair quotas or burdensome price ranges are rejected and villanised by us with no hesitation.


In fact, no property shares the same quality. Thus, we’ve gained a comprehensive awareness of individual differences. According to your requirements, we are always ready to customize service plans and generate quotas.

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Once you reach us through the online platform or ring us up at +1-778-386-7442, the customer relations team will note down your preferred slot.

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After your appointment is authorized, a confirmation alert will fly your way. Our professional cleaners in Vancouver will arrive on time and will not leave unless your property is squeaky-clean.

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Bask in the sparkling glory of your freshly cleaned property. With our help, it’s needless to break a sweat to ravish the joys of a neat space.

We’re Ready To Heave Your Stress Away

Despite the scale of your property, purifying it and addressing the hygienic concerns can be a straining nuisance. Hence, we bring an excellent cleaning service in Vancouver as a remedy to drown your sorrows away. Whether you want a crystal-clean house, lively business property, or a dazzling apartment, our cleaning team is ready to keep your property 100% sanitary and fresh.

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