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Tone down your landlord’s fury and get back the full deposit by returning the property cleaner than it ever was! We’re ready to back you up at +1-778-601-4500.

Vancouver’s Most Proficient End Of Tenancy Cleaning Crew!

Whether you are a tenant who wishes to vacate the property in the best condition possible or a landlord desperately in need of a detailed and rigorous clean-up, we will be one call away! We know how tension-inducing the end of tenancy is for the parties involved. So, to make your shoulders less heavy our dedicated team is ever ready to take the cleaning burden off you. They are armored with impressive high-grade tools and spellbinding cleaning solutions. With a magical wave of a broom and a mop, we make certain no conniption fits take place between either one of you.

How Can You Possibly Benefit From Brighter Clean’s End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

Landlords can be nitpicky when the topic at hand involves the hygienic factors of their beloved property. They desire their place to always spick and span and immaculate so that future tenants can easily find it appealing. So, in most instances, they hold the current tenant accountable for end of tenancy lease house cleaning service. If the cleaning duties are incomplete, the safe return of your deposit may fall into danger. We help you subdue these worries with care.

What End Of Tenancy Services Do We Offer?

Whether you want to enter a crystal-clean property or leave your rental space spotless, Brighter Clean’s moving-out and move-in cleaning services got you covered! Let the experts clean the space like it’s our very own.


Turn your rented property squeaky clean before you depart. Allow our experienced team to give you a wonderful moving out cleaning service.


We thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your newly found space. Brighter Clean’s moving-in cleaning team is one call away.

We Focus On Increasing The Satisfaction Of Customers

Our trustworthy eco-friendly cleaning workers are instructed to work with utmost dedication in order to go above your expectations. They’re delighted to implement natural measures since these resolutions are the key to enriching the health and cleanliness of any property.

“Honestly, I really appreciate the way BCS cleaners have been handling the routine cleaning of our offices. From quality cleaning, flexible schedules to great customer service. I definitely recommend them.” E. Broda, Metro Insure Ltd., Burnaby

“They were excellent and quick in replying to my emails/text messages and also didn’t hesitate to coordinate with my needs/request even though they were out of his paid responsibility. After cleaning, they also followed up with me on ‘after service’. From the start to the end, I was very pleased with their work.” A. White, Downtown Vancouver

“Honestly, I really appreciate the way BCS cleaners have been handling the routine cleaning of our offices. From quality cleaning, flexible schedules to great customer service. I definitely recommend them.” E. Broda, Metro Insure Ltd., Burnaby

Book Online Or Call Us

To schedule our service all you needto do is either call us via mobile or visit our website and fillout the form which is available online.

Arrival Of The Team

Upon confirming your need, an end of tenancy cleaning service team would be dispatched towards your precise location.

Enjoy The Newer Look

Once our crew does the magic you return the cleaned property to your landlord without any hard feelings and ask for the full deposit back.

Why Is An End Of Tenancy Cleaning Service Considered Important?

If you are a property owner, endless disputes from tenants are definitely one of the foremost concerns you will ever encounter. Essentially when the newcomers arrive they would manifest extra sensitive behaviours towards uncleaned atmospheres like dusty wardrobes or leaking pipes, and that is understandable. But! This pesky cascade of complaints can be stopped with a decent end of tenancy cleaning service. It’ll help both partakers to build a sufficient level of trust in each other.

Despite the joyful giggles, moving to a new place can trigger your underlying stress because there is a lot of legwork to do, checklists to tick off, and luggage to carry. Amidst this chaos, getting assigned an infinite load of cleaning duties is the last thing you’d wish for and such a distressing nightmare. Wishing on a shooting star won’t help but executing an end of tenancy cleaning will kick this agonizing weight off your shoulders.

The intention behind a security deposit is to protect the property of the owners. Once you seal a contract with your signature, you’re obliged to vacate the property in a pleasant condition.


Your dear deposit will face great danger in case you leave the property in an unacceptable nature in comparison to the initial constitution. A proficient cleaning company is an appropriate way to get your deposit returned in full because they turn the property sparkling.

Cleaning the house on your own is not a risk that is worth taking, especially when your deposit is at stake. It will ultimately cost more than having to book a professional service provider. On the other hand, you will have to silently scream under pressure because there’s a chance of your strict landlord subtracting a hefty portion of the poor deposit if the cleaning isn’t adequate to satisfy their heart. Why risk it all when you can choose a skilled expert like Brighter Clean for an affordable rate?

Reputable lease house cleaning service pros are well known for their professionalism. Rather than handing over the property to a rookie, you can benefit from hiring an expert. It won’t be necessary to be on the edge while biting your nails in concern because professional cleaners are excelled at giving a fresh breath to every inch of your home. Your kitchen appliances, drawers, counters, windows and furniture will start glowing as sun kissed morning dew.

If you are a landlord looking forward to renting your property, first and foremost your responsibility is to ensure its cleanliness. The property will likely be undesirable if it is poorly maintained. This will make the potential tenets frown during the viewing process and decrease the probability of renting it soon as possible. Now, needless to say, the rate of occupancy will increase.

Most owners are very picky. Being extremely fussy is their default nature. If you fail to return the property spotless it would definitely be the world’s end for your landlord. An earful of harsh comments will flow your way and makes you want to clog your ears with sponge plugs. But! These nagging sessions can be successfully dodged if you call a professional service like us.

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Is Your Landlord radiating sour temperaments lately? Or does your previous tenant leave a humongous chaotic heap inside your property? Don’t suffocate in these worries alone sadly by yourself. Give our lease house cleaning service a quick call at +1-778-386-7442. We will be by your side at supersonic speed!

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