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Springtime is like a windfall. It announces the descendants of chilling winters and slowly brings dull meadows back to life while dressing them with vividly fancy flowers. This is when we earthlings shake off the winter blues and start inhaling the fragrance of fresh blossoms. As the frosty atmospheres and snowflakes dissipate into thin air, we immerse ourselves in an annual tradition called Spring Cleaning.

What Is Spring Cleaning?

Although it may be alienating to folks, who reside in destinations that have never witnessed snow, like tropical islanders and Egyptians, people from other corners of the world might be familiar with this ritual. So, generally speaking, spring cleaning is all about giving your home a beautiful yet thorough clean-up. In contrast to the regular wishy-washy cleaning that we usually do, spring cleaning involves gathering all your cleaning supplies and cleansing every nook and cranny inside your household. It is about stretching your arms and cleaning the hard-to-reach areas beneath rust old furniture, and wiping the soulless dust bunnies off surfaces.

Tidying up outdoors is also a part of this process if anyone fancy to carry out the mission towards another level. People who are encouraged to manifest kindness would donate things that they don’t need any more during decluttering sessions; meanwhile, others may also sell unnecessary items through simple garage sales. If items are beyond use, tossing them in recycling bins is an option too! Nowadays, it’s more common to hire spring cleaning service agents because people are either preoccupied with work duties or have a lot going on in their lives. These professionals help to renovate your space for an affordable rate.

Since When Did Spring Cleaning Become A Renown Tradition?

According to the American Cleaning Institute, the National Spring Cleaning Week commences on March 24th, 2024, and lasts until the 30th. Now, you may indeed wonder how and from where this tradition stems. Let’s awaken our archaeological third eye and trace the origins. Ancient cultures were stated to participate in spiritual traditions that emphasized the importance of cleaning. Therefore, most brainy scholars presume the custom of spring cleaning was brought to life thousands of centuries ago.

As Leila Imeni narrates for Iran Daily, the primordial Persians, nearly 3000 years ago, delightfully immersed their giddy souls in an annual ceremonial ritual named “Khāne-takānī” also termed “shaking the house” in English. This cleaning schedule was believed to be held in order to chase away the malicious impurities that resided inside each house while radiating unpleasant energies. It was assumed that a year’s worth of unforeseen positivity would flow their way if the sweeping and dusting were accurately done.

Moreover, spring cleaning has also been a highlight in ancient Buddhism, especially among the Theravada practitioners. Take the festival of Songkran as an example. This purification water splash is an important event mentioned on the Buddhist calendar. During mid-April, people in Thailand celebrate this festival by soaking themselves in waters to wash away their misdeeds and lingering sinful thoughts. Their gracefully built temples, as well as houses, also get cleaned deeply to shield them from the darkness.

Why Is Spring Cleaning Important To Us?

Ever since spring cleaning branched out from a magnificent history, it has been an essential part of some of our lives. Due to the high levels of pollution in the air and the quality of living being drastically hitting a new low, our safe havens could really benefit from an annual clean-up provided by an expert.

Besides replacing contaminated indoor air, seasonal polishing, and dusting, spring cleaning often represents a healthy movement. It’s the collective step that society as a whole takes towards improving mental and physical well-being through tidying up our own habitats. Now that you’ve grasped a good understanding of what spring cleaning is and its value, it’s high time to be a little more investigative and invest some effort into seeking how this process can help create a healthy space for us to live in.

5 Ways How Spring Cleaning Service Can Build A Healthy Living Environment.

1. By Eliminating The Allergens Around Us.

Allergens are mischief-making substances. They journey toward the human immune system and cause a ruckus by making us susceptible to various allergic reactions. Spine-chilling dust mites and garden-fresh grass pollens are some of the prominent rabble-rousers you can ever come across! Did you know in recent years, researchers have discovered that dust mites are the primary suspect that escalates mere allergic reactions into bronchial asthma?

The horrifying truth is, through assessing a Canadian sample, doctors have figured over 2.3M Canadians suffer from asthma, and 8.4% of them are adults while 13.4% are still minors. Now the blood-curdling fact is children who showcase sensitivity to these creepy mites can become a victim of serious asthma attacks. To prevent these allergens from seeding the possibility of trouble, cleaning indoors and creating a healthy environment is necessary.

A deep wash and decluttering, which is typically a part of spring cleaning, can reduce the amount of allergens feasting inside your house. This would also promote the perfect circulation of cleaner indoor air. A professional service provider like Brighter Clean is more than welcome to make your home safer. Healthier air backs up your immune system, like a knight in shining armor who’s there to save the day. So when you inhale fresh air, it reduces the probability of you getting immersed in heinous impacts that come alongside impure household air.

2. Strengthening Mental Health Factors.

Although we might frequently overlook the minor variables and then project the blame on trauma or childhood experiences, research suggests that certain forms of mental disorders may emerge due to stressful time periods we spend inside our own homes. Living in a cluttered house where unwashed dishes catch the attention of bugs, cobwebs smooch your face whenever you pass by, and kids’ lovely creations are all over your milky white walls can increase the inner tension, depression, fatigue, and frustration you must already be radiating.

Anxiety also stems from environmental stimuli. When your residence is more organized and well-cleaned, you tend to perceive more tranquilized sensations. This is why an annual spring cleaning powered by a professional is essential to establish mental clarity. People who are aware of the light that cleanliness brings to their clouded cognitive capabilities embrace the traditions of spring cleaning and attain inner peace.

Without letting this chance slip away, you can also get rid of attires that don’t spark your interest anymore, stop delaying the decluttering of that messy wardrobe of your, and get ready to warmly welcome new seasonal essentials. Knowing your little den is glamoured, your well-being will not only slowly improve, but that frown of yours will indeed drown, giving you a bunch of reasons to smile.


3. By Waking Us Up From A Slumber.

Astonishingly, spring cleaning is related to the human biological clock. As mere mortals, we are less nimble and more demotivated. Even animals like grizzlies, raccoons, and squirrels position themselves in lasting siestas to pass the heavy winter days. During this period, when rivers turn into ice blocks, and rays of the golden sun are nowhere to be seen, our busy brains start producing hefty tons of melatonin. Now this friendly chemical is responsible for inducing sleep, thus making us even more lethargic and drowsier.

Typically, the frequency of sunlight exposure that we receive decides the level of melatonin that our hardworking brain cells should assemble. So, the more we drag our sluggish bodies outside, the more sunshine contacts our skin. In other words, the less our brain creates the hormone melatonin. As ancient folks say, spring cleaning means to rise afresh from a melatonin-induced deep dark slumber. So if you wish to achieve an optimal level of sleep and make your living environment healthier, take the chance to give an expert in the service a buzz and let the glorious lamp of heaven, AKA the sun, hit your beloved palace.

Moreover, as we already discussed above, people engage in meaningful decluttering sessions. So you can benefit from this activity by eliminating the stack of items that have been loitering inside your space rent-free. A nicely organized room has only a select number of items, which means there’s no chance left for your sneaky brain to get stimulated.

4. By Reinforcing Social Connections.

A major proportion of human beings need socialization to recharge their disconnected social batteries. Association with others, continuing relationships, and sharing quality time with family help them feel like their lives are meaningful. We are accustomed to holding joyful gathering parties inside our houses. But! Wouldn’t it be extremely stressful to welcome your guest into a messy house? It won’t be a pleasant experience for both partakers. We know you don’t wish to get on the wrong side of your visitors.

Oh, worry less! Because a well-versed spring cleaning service would give you your confidence back. You can freely invite anyone inside your clean home without having to scratch your head in embarrassment. From there on, you can interact with people without worry and lead a fulfilling, healthy social life.

5. It Improves The Productivity.

Although most of us dread the duty of cleaning up, it’s an advantageous process that fuels our energy. A good spring cleaning service can help to shed the winter blues and become more productive. Productivity encourages the facilitation of a healthy living environment. Once you are motivated enough to carry on what you’ve commenced, your end goal will not be unreachable.

Take Away!

Since we have now gained an awareness of why using a spring house cleaning service is vital to a healthy lifestyle, it’s easy to guess why it should be on your high-priority list this year. Brighter Clean is always braced to give you the best professional service in town if you ever need a reliable service provider.

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