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Judging appearance isn’t the savviest; instead, one should look at another’s heart. Yet we reside on the planet Earth, and folks here are rather eager beavers who only focus on looking at the exterior. In their defense, the external appearance holds a greater significance and is extremely important when it comes to properties. A well-cared outward look contributes towards the overall estimated value of the entire space and attests to the vibe of the neighborhood. Property exteriors oftentimes become victims of a lot of harsh heavenly trials.

Gusty winds, ruthless rays of sunshine, moisture, and even noxious insects find their ways to encourage the deterioration of the external features. Due to the industrialization of the modern world, pollutants and dust mites that linger in the air also embrace the exterior surfaces while aiding the accumulation of grime. These mischief-makers can eventually cause chapping, discoloration, and cracking, leading to the degeneration of the property. To fight against these contaminants and save your space from problems, receiving a helping hand from an exterior cleaning service is essential.

What Does A Typical Exterior Cleaning Session Look Like?

First and foremost, let’s dive deeper into learning the fundamentals of exterior cleaning. Since every property has its uniqueness and individual differences, each one of them requires distinct solutions and pressure washing settings. For instance, durable plastic material such as vinyl siding can withstand the merciless impact of pressurized water and, therefore, may need the assistance of a pressure spray. Wood sidings that are rather flimsy can be simply cleaned by employing a random hose that you can find in your garden.

Before jumping straight into techniques such as pressure washing, dusting the atmosphere takes place as the first step of exterior cleaning. According to experts, wiping away the leisurely lounging debris eliminates the possibility of them journeying and spreading all over your property. Throughout the initial dusting phase, cobwebs that radiate haunted energies, dead bugs that emanate unbearable stenches, along other excessive particles would be driven off the surfaces. For example, if your space has experienced a renovation or has undergone a recent reconstruction procedure, dusting before exterior cleaning can be a massive time saver and a wise precautionary measure.

What Are Some Services Offered By Exterior Cleaning Professionals?

Roof Clean.

A properly nurtured roof not only assures structural protection but also ensures the convenience of the occupants. As a widely exposed formation, a roof collects germs, dirt, and pollutants all year round. An exterior cleaning service would utilize safer techniques to clean any dirt off the surfaces and prevent premature damages from occurring.

Window Clean.

Making sure the windows of your property give that extra glam is also a massive part of a professional service. Freshly glistening windows enhance the view, and when the sun reflects through them, you can get natural lightning all day.

Gutter Clean

During an exterior cleaning session, professionals ascertain the accuracy of water flow. They annihilate any blockages caused by obstructions such as fallen leaves, tree branches, or bird nests.

Driveway Clean

Driveways always get blessed by spills, oil leaks, or other possible impurities. Unsightly mold could also get amassed over the course of time. During the exterior cleaning process, high-pressure sprays can give it an exhaustive yet rigorous cleanse.

What Are The Most Effective Ways To Clean An Exterior Of A Property?

Among the diversified methods of exterior cleaning, power, soft, and pressure washing reside on the top of leaderboards. Let’s go through each category briefly in order to distinguish the dissimilarities.

Pressure Washing.

This is a potent solution for completely removing any dirt or grim that never budges, even if you scrub like a maniac using metal sponges. Unlike other methods, pressure washes utilize unheated water to clear away stubborn dirt. In pressure washing equipment, there is a nozzle attached to the hose. This part is dedicated to adjusting the intensity of water. To achieve the right amount of force, the water flow and the nozzle control are coupled using the PSI (pounds per square inch). The water flow and kind of nozzle are correlated using the PSI to achieve the proper amount of force.

As the pressure washing market demonstrates an average growth rate of 5.7% while expected to reach USD 3.8 Million by 2030 (Details – Grand View Research), the majority of individuals seek this awe-inspiring and immensely popular method hoping to give their dull property a spellbinding makeover. Always ask for a professional exterior cleaning service’s help before beginning the duty yourself. The pressure of the water is excessively high, so unless you’re a venerable one in the field, there are chances you might endanger yourself if you commence without properly testing the waters.

Power Washing.

Quite contrasting to the aforementioned strategy, power washing in exterior cleaning uses pressurized streams of super-hot water to attack the dirt that resides in outdoor areas. Both the temperature-controlled water and the high pressure of it is a godly combination, thus is capable enough to destroy the uncompromising material that is stuck onto any surface.

If you have patios, old driveways, or decks that have become feasting grounds for mold and residues, this method can be a perfect way to use when exterior cleaning. On the other hand, it’s exceptionally suitable for removing sticky and oily substances like chewing gum and grease stains.

Soft Washing.

This is a gentle way of exterior cleaning. Instead of pressurized water, it leans more towards the usage of chemicals to disinfect the entire property. Whether you own a commercial property, a small house, or a large corporation, different solutions that have a multiple range of ingredients would be used to cleanse the impurities away.

Generally, when handling these types of approaches, it’s best to let professionals like Brighter Clean take over. If not carefully used, the toxic essences that are present in these chemicals may pose a threat to your well-being. Now that we have gained a good understanding of what exterior cleaning is and what methods often are implemented during this process, let’s dive deeper into the subject.

10 Reasons Why Exterior Cleaning Of Your Property Should Be Prioritised.

As soon as the word ‘Cleaning’ squeezes inside your mind, the very first thing that pops up in your imagination is a shining crystal clear indoor space. This is because, unconsciously or consciously, we neglect to see the worth of exterior cleaning. Cleansing the grim away from the external aspects of your space contributed to its lastingness it. Let’s discuss more reasons why concentrating on exterior cleaning is a must nowadays.

1. Exterior Cleaning Protects Your Health.

Allergens such as dust mites and pollen live rent-free on your external surfaces. Without minding their own business, these prying contaminants fancy to tiptoe inside your house or office space. Have you ever experienced your coworkers itching their bodies or their poor noses turning cherry red after sneezing? Or maybe you may have received nonstop sick leave notification from your employees?

This sudden series of unfortunate absences could be the consequence of contagious allergens coming into contact with each of your workforce. Moreover, allergens are a primary cause of allergic reactions, asthma, as well as other respiratory disorders. These contaminants can help the escalation of conditions such as bronchial asthma and rhinitis, thus making vulnerable populations more susceptible to developing asthma attacks. As Canadian statistics convey, among the 3.8 million asthma population, 13.4% consist of children, while 8.4% are adults. Overlooking the importance of exterior cleaning is equivalent to neglecting these imperiled denizens and jeopardizing their opportunity to live a healthy life. This being the case, exterior cleaning can terminate all of the suspects that risk the well-being of your loved ones and workforce by facilitating fresh air to flow in.

2. It Demonstration Your Level Of Caring.

Whether you run an organization or own a cozy home, a beautifully speckled exterior will make your space appear elegant and professional. A sparkly outdoor appearance can vicariously communicate with onlookers or your clients while simultaneously aiding in developing the professional reputation of your brand.

This will indicate that, as you look after the external looks of your company, the potential prospects might automatically presume you would take good care of them. On the flip side, a sloppy surface resembling a pigpen or Shrek’s swamp with overgrown vegetation and mossy roofs screams you disregard exterior cleaning. This may leave customers in great wonder. It’s more likely they will question whether you will have time to address their demands if you seemingly do not possess enough hours to make your exterior look presentable.

3. It Helps To lure More Prospects In.

Let’s say you decide to put your three-story building up for sale. Rather than a blad atmosphere, if it has an attractive layout, it will seize everyone’s curiosity without an issue. You can double this attraction by giving your property a good exterior cleaning.

In a survey, it was revealed that 76% of clients are more prone to just casually enter a store simply based on its outward appearance. Since no one is foolish enough to walk inside a deteriorating building, it’s advisable to upgrade the external surface either through good pressure or power washing. You can also survey the clients and ask them about which cleaning technique they prefer more or what enhancements they fancy seeing.

4. A Clean Exterior Helps The Durability.

The longevity of a property does not solely depend on the interior cleaning. Whether or not it can stand through a stormy night or endeavor, a disaster can be based on the exterior. Major defects or a poor-looking appearance that may turn your smile into a frown are evident signs that the property isn’t in the best shape; thus, the durability can be questionable. To improve longevity and prevent the need for constant repairs, it’s essential to hire an exterior cleaning service at least once in a while.

5. Makes A Danger Freezone For People You Care About.

Damages, particularly on sidings and walkways, can be quite hazardous, especially for youngsters and the elderly. Despite your age, cracks, grease, holes, and others can put you in grave danger and cause injuries.

For example, if an elderly individual who’s walking with the assistance of crutches is occupying your house, not only indoor flooring but also outdoor surfaces must be adequately maintained. If the sidewalk or the garage way has oil spills all over them, these areas can be dangerous for the said elderly to walk by, mainly because there’s a probability he might accidentally fall down as the path is slippery. When conducting exterior cleaning, these hidden spots get exposed. Therefore, you can address these concerns by taking necessary repair measures.

6. A Spotelss Exterior Protects The Interior Of The House.

Let’s say the carpet outside your door is dunked in mud, exudes nose-tingling smells, and overflows with dirt. Now, if you step on this and enter your house, no matter how squeaky-clean your indoors are, muddy shoe prints will form inside within minutes. Moreover, possible water leakages can discolor the beautifully applied interior paint and help the growth of greenish mold. This is why exterior cleaning is important. The internal components of the house will be preserved when the outer appearance of the house is safeguarded and carefully tended.

7. Helps To Receive Zero Complaints.

Another reason why you should prioritize exterior cleaning is that it helps you dodge harsh complaints. How come? We know you may wonder. If you own a commercial building that sways towards the lackluster side and does not please a single soul’s eye, you may find your phone blasting with clients’ endless voices of concern. For instance, they could be dismayed by the fact that the sidewalk hasn’t been treated with pressure washing for a long period of time, or they may dislike how garbage is piling up beside the entrance.

The worst-case scenario is this displeasure may lead them to drag their business elsewhere, ditching you. Goosebumps-inducing, is it not? However, with proper exterior cleaning, you can completely steer away from such comments. Here are some ways you can make enhancements.

  • Regular cleaning of external windows.
  • Removing the dirt and slimy substances that are attached to the surfaces through pressure washing.
  • Cleaning grease or oils away from driveways to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • If using cleaning solutions, only use eco-friendly chemical approaches.
  • Dispose of garbage and collected recyclables according to a timely schedule.
  • Handing over the exterior cleaning responsibilities to a professional service provider to receive the best outcome.

8. Enhance The Aesthetic Aspect Of A Property

Have you ever noticed the glow that skyscrapers radiate when the golden sun rays reflect upon them? This is because even famous superstructures such as Burj Khalifa, Shanghai Tower, and the Chrysler Building get their windows thoroughly cleaned by hundreds of workers. To maintain the shining facade of these tall towers, exterior cleaning rituals such as window cleaning, soft washing, and other activities take place at least two times a year. This demonstrates how significant it is for a property’s outward appearance to always seem grime-free, impeccable, and pristine. Such a flawless appearance helps to improve the overall aesthetic of the entire building, as well as the neighborhood. So, if you would love to turn your property aesthetically pleasing, it’s wise to give the windows a stunning clean!

9. To Stop Quick Degradation

You can avoid deterioration and adverse impacts that may happen to the structure by frequently cleaning the exterior of your space. The constant state of maintenance can improve your property’s general performance too. In the absence of a decent regular upkeep strategy, for instance, moisture could pass through outside walls, which will then eventually result in peeling paint, rotting, crack formation, and even the emergence of nasty mold.

Your roof will encounter the same fate. According to experts’ estimations, oftentimes, a typical roof would last about 20 to 25 years of time. However, if failed to provide adequate care, it will also wear and tear. Then you will have to replace or repair those respective sections. With proper exterior cleaning, which includes the cleansing of roofs and gutters, you can pull a stop to premature degradation.

10. Improves The Lifespan Of Your Appliances

Organizing frequent cleaning sessions is very beneficial to improve the longevity of your property as well as its appliances. For instance, let’s say you have a set of expensive solar panels installed on top of your roof. Now, cleaning these extravagant instruments is essential to ensure they work effectively and release a great output.

Moreover, doors and garage gates are also fundamental parts of your exterior. Cleaning these, lubricating them with oil, and preventing the accumulation of debris is a must to increase their lengthy lifespan. This will not only give your outdoor mechanisms a new shine but also will ensure they stay the same for a long time.

Hire A Professional For Exterior Cleaning

Brighter Clean is a reputable name when it comes to commercial and property exterior cleaning. Our company has garnered decades of worthy experience. With the combination of our amazingly talented staff and tech-savvy gadgets, we strive to provide our clients with the very best. So if you ever need to give your property’s exterior an unforgettable glory, we vouch to do our very best to remove all impurities away without tarnishing the original glaze. So free yourself, rest assured, and leave the heavy duty to us!

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