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Flooring is the foundation of any successful structure. It’s considered an extremely vital component of the property’s interior design and thus can impact the overall appearance. When you enter a certain space, your initial interaction with that particular area will be visual contact. More precisely speaking, it’s how your eyes perceive the aesthetic appeal. However, flooring is the starting point of physical contact and leaves a lasting impression.

Squeaky-clean floors are an indication of a well-looked-after property and a flowering business. It also emphasizes to what degree the employer is concerned about their surroundings as well as their subordinates’ welfare. Nevertheless, in the long run, due to the constant exposure, flooring can simply collect a gigantic amount of dust, grime, and other substances, then become permanently scruffed, dirty, or damaged.

This unfortunate fate is inevitable if routine floor maintenance is neglected by respective authorities. Commercial floor cleaning services can be the glimpse of hope that averts such negative incidents and shields your business’s flooring from adverse consequences. Professional service providers can help take the burden off your shoulders, so you and your staff can delightfully concentrate on work duties. Commercial floor cleaning does not only consist of mundane ways of disinfection and cleaning rituals, but also it can include waxing and floor finish stripping.

What Are The Steps Of Commercial Floor Cleaning?

Typically when a professional commercial floor cleaning service such as Brighter Clean takes over the responsibilities, first and foremost, they commence their obligations by creating a checklist. Afterward, every piece of furniture and amenities will be thoroughly covered. Subsequently, the following steps would take place.

STEP 01: The Introductory Cleaning.

To annihilate any debris, as well as dust that may have accumulated, will be swept away or vacuumed during this phase. By using soap water solutions, each flooring will be mopped with great care. The frequency of mopping and the types of tools that are necessary will depend on what the floor is made of and its dimensions.

The cleaners would briefly check its durability and how impervious to moisture it is. According to these evaluations, whether your floor needs regular washing or not would be determined. For instance, if the surface of the flooring is made of hardwood, occasional mopping can be deemed appropriate.

During the process of commercial floor cleaning, any spilling or drinks will be given the utmost priority since these mischief-makers tend to become stubbornly sticky as more time passes by. If any stains are strong-willed and do not budge when cleaned with ordinary methods, specialized stains will come to the rescue.

STEP 02: In-Depth Cleaning.

Scrubbing is another way of commercial floor cleaning. This often occurs once the basic cleaning is concluded. It’s assumed ideal for deeply cleaning the darkened grout and tiles. To clean commercial floors that constantly get contaminated by dirt, the majority of professionals employ scrubber machines.

These gadgets are automated and powered by electricity. Which will save time and be more productive in comparison to ordinary equipment. Moreover, when the mopping is finished, a microfiber piece of clothing will be used to pat the floor dry.

STEP 03: Hardwood Commercial Floor Cleaning.

Although a significant proportion of individuals are changing their game and installing tile-based flooring instead of hardwood, still many commercial buildings have hardwood floors. Despite the elegance these flooring radiate, they are not the easiest surfaces to clean. This is mainly because not every hardwood material is immune to moisture and water!

During this third step, commercial floor cleaning staff will deliberately pay close attention while performing their allocated task. They will make certain to use only a recommended amount of water to prevent excess moisture from accumulating. Furthermore, they will accurately decide whether daily cleaning is necessary and should chemical-based solutions be utilized.

STEP 04: Disinfecting Floors.

After the unforeseen surge of the COVID-19 epidemic, commercial floor cleaning has become an essential tradition. Professional disinfection cleaning services can also aid you in keeping your precious property comprehensively sanitized. The disinfecting process comprises eliminating germs and probable pollutants from each floor by using chemicals. These chemical substances are authorized and licensed by awarding bodies and specialize in removing such malicious bacteria.

Why Is Commercial Floor Cleaning Important For Your Business?

Research reveals that about 8% of work performance hits the bottom row because of dust-related illnesses. It further stated these symptoms vary from having itchy throats to puffed eyes. Unfortunately, if you restrain the movement within your commercial property while fearing the dreadful manifestations of dust-mite diseases, it may have an unpleasant impact on the productivity as well as the profitability of your organization’s operations. For instance, let’s assume you own a law firm. Your company has six floors in total. Due to the flocks of people hurrying inside and outside the building, the flooring is all worn out. Also, it’s quite evident how germs are feasting on the dirty areas.

If this situation escalates further, these germs can spread throughout the building and make everyone who comes into contact with them scratch their noses in utter discomfort. Now, it would be daunting if each attorney within your firm submitted sick leaves regularly. Not only would it harm your financial stability, but also this dire situation would threaten the outcomes of ongoing court cases, your company’s reputation, and the mental state of employees. This is precisely why you can benefit from a commercial floor cleaning service. These professionals will support you to get rid of the grime and dirt that surrounds every square foot of an enormous facility.

8 Reasons Why Outsourcing Commercial Floor Cleaning Can Save Your Business Time & Money.

Since you have already gained awareness regarding what commercial floor cleaning is and why it is important, it’s high time to know why outsourcing such a service rather than doing it yourself is much more efficient.

1. Experts Bring Experience.

Outsourcing a brilliant commercial floor cleaning can expeditiously accomplish the cleaning duties within your business. Traditional methods, however, tend to take forever. Therefore, cleaning without the helping hands of a professional might cost you a full decade! Nobody wants to waste their valuable time on such overwhelming responsibilities. You’d rather spend time doing what you are better at.

Moreover, these individuals know what they are doing. They have obtained years of experience, thus being able to showcase a great level of excellence at recognizing which cleaning products align with what kind of floor. Unlike ordinary people, who may find it troublesome to distinguish the differences between eco-friendly solutions and chemically driven solutions, professionals know how to identify them.

A good commercial floor cleaning company will use the most advanced and tech-savvy tools to remove dust and grime off your floors while following industry standards. They strive to provide you with unconditional quality service.

2. Improper Cleaning Can Damage Your Floor.

Similar to the above-mentioned point, if you wish to prevent your flooring from becoming a victim of irreparable damage, outsourcing a commercial floor cleaning crew is helpful. Assigning a complete rookie to clean the flooring and letting them tamper with it isn’t the wisest decision a businessman should take.

Imagine a scenario where your flooring is destroyed as a result of a rookie’s error. This could become a hindrance to the cash flow, which means this expense will be deducted from the company’s accounts. Paving the way for you to bear a loss. As an example, consider ceramic tiles. Now they are notorious for being low maintenance. However, bacteria or dirt are cunning enough to sneak inside ceramic tiles if not cleaned properly. On the other hand, tiles made of stone, such as marble, are tricksters. They have porous surfaces, therefore should be extra cautious while cleaning.

Stone floors can get simply damaged if acidic cleaners are utilized out of the blue. Although most professionals are aware of this fact, an ordinary individual might not have a clue regarding any of this. Therefore, if used inappropriately, these synthesized liquids can cause greater harm. The most common mistake a property owner can make is not to call a commercial floor cleaning service to mitigate above mentioned issues. So, it’s generally recommended to outsource such a team to take care of your flooring.

3. Enhances Productivity & Satisfaction.

Maintaining your property, whether it’s a private space, a commercial building, or an office where thousands of people loiter around, improves the sense of cleanliness. Not only this aspect, but a proper commercial floor cleaning service can fuel up the constantly fluctuating employee morale, secure their health conditions, and limit repair and servicing money wastage.

The findings of research where a group of employees from a non-profit organization in the Netherlands was surveyed revealed that a higher level of cleanliness related to an increased amount of productivity. Moreover, the more they perceive the sparkle of their work atmosphere, the higher their satisfaction grows.

This is a prime example of how you can harvest the best out of your employees by allowing them to dwell in a pleasant and refreshing space where the flooring is free of dirt. Once the workplace satisfaction curve is more on the positive side, productivity will blossom by at least 31%. It’s not a concealed fact that when the productivity rates are sky-high, you can swim in a river filled with revenue.

Professional commercial floor cleaning teams have the dedication, proficiency as well as mastery to help you attain the maximum potential of your employees by creating a cleaner and safer environment.

4. Provides The Best Quality Service.

Another reason why it’s a clever move to outsource a commercial floor cleaning is the perfect quality assurance they bring to your table. Since their ultimate goal is to see your frown diminish and a hint of a smile emerge, they aim to utilize modern technology and reliable types of equipment.

Dissimilar to inexperienced folks who wouldn’t bat an eye on safety or ethical guidelines, professionals adhere to strict rules and regulations to ensure you receive your awaited results and the money’s worth.​​ Therefore, you won’t have to be on the verge of panic, fearing the cleaners might accidentally mishmash the interior or damage precious tiles. Moreover, high-quality commercial floor cleaning experts like Brighter Clean know the importance of follow-ups. Thus, we will check on the state of flooring through either weekly calls or monthly reports. If you have any burning concerns that don’t seem to dissipate unless they are met with acceptable resolutions, you can expect timely and dependable responses from them.

5. Can Help To Reduce Your Skyscraping Workload.

Outsourcing commercial floor cleaning simplifies the exhaustive cleansing process and makes way for you to easily streamline your work schedules. Which in turn helps you to get more work done and save your finances. Imagine being a facility manager at a gym or a healthcare center. Towers of assignments swarm you for a better portion of the day, and you may not have an ounce of spare time to spend rubbing the floor with mobs and scrubbers. Now hiring a commercial floor cleaning service will take this extra burden off your shoulders and lighten the hefty workload, allowing you to gain undivided time. Now you can revolve your concentration on managerial duties without a hassle.

On the bright side, when you are outsourcing, any issue concerning the cleaning duties or the management of cleaning staff becomes the ultimate responsibility of that particular commercial cleaning company. This means you will only have to deal with a minimal amount of depressing paperwork.

Moreover, when recruiting an in-house group for commercial floor cleaning, you are obliged to handle the supervision of job applications, documentation as well as tax management. Now, staying on top of these mountains of administrative duties consumes your valuable time. However, the convenience of outsourcing a commercial floor cleaning team is, that these providers are extremely swift. All you are mandated to do is provide a detailed assessment of your needs and sign a personalized contract. This eliminates the costs and problematic natures of manpower recruiting.

6. Highly Cost-Efficient.

When you outsource commercial floor cleaning services, the probability of having to step beyond the fixed budget never becomes a reality. The majority of cleaning companies offer standard prices for their services with zero hidden costs to bombard you.

You will also successfully avert the expenses associated with recruiting, training the newbies, and supervising an in-house team, because professional service providers will make your space crystal clean within the blink of an eye.

7. The High Reliability Of Outsourced Staff.

As floors tend to get dirty due to heightened levels of exposure, constantly keeping your commercial facility clean necessitates a trustworthy service provider. A quality commercial floor cleaning company showers you with assurance in multiple aspects, including the following.


In-house employee availability may frequently differ due to sick leaves, vacation days, or sudden injuries. In such circumstances, it would be challenging to find replacements. Thus, your pre-planned schedules will come crashing down. This is why a professional outsourced team is considered more reliable, as they can always be there for you whenever you need them.

Amazing Responsiveness.

If you encounter an issue in terms of commercial floor cleaning or if you wish to gain more information regarding any service, these professionals will not second guess to resolve issues and attend to your matter as quickly as possible.


You can delightfully anticipate your commercial floor cleaning staff to straightforwardly show up on time, finish their respective tasks, and submit their evaluations. Using innovative tools, will boost work efficiency and track the progress on your behalf. Which will save a lot of your time.

8. The Customizable Plans.

The requirements of various enterprises and sectors differ from each other. If A owns an office building and B owns a healthcare clinic, their commercial floor cleaning needs are heavily different from one another.

Outsourced commercial floor cleaning services have the luxurious flexibility as well as the perfectly matching versatility to accommodate specific requests. Most companies understand the individual differences that each property and their flooring has to offer. Thus, they eagerly curate services that best suits your space.

Furthermore, with outsourced commercial floor cleaning services, the control is in your hands. These suppliers derive real-time and customized indications while adding an extra layer of insurance coverage, so you can benefit from an immensely client-centric experience. Their services will be engineered to cater to your preferences.

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Reputable Commercial Floor Cleaning Service.

  • Insurance and License Availability: When the need calls for a good floor cleaning service, always verify that the company you are contacting complies with all the legal criteria. Additionally, check whether or not they possess insurance coverage and hold authentic licenses.
  • Credibility Of The Provider: Despite the scale of the job, it’s tremendously important to hire a reliable service provider. These individuals have to be trustworthy since you are essentially granting them access to your building for cleaning purposes. We encourage you to check online reviews or directly contact their clientele to assess credibility.
  • Transparency: A company that is honest about its price ranges is a windfall to clear up any doubts. So pick a professional service provider who is transparent about their prices.
  • Eco-Friendly Products: Don’t hesitate to pick a company that prioritizes embracing the Green Approach. Remember to skim through their procedure to make sure they use eco-friendly products.

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Now that you are fully aware of what benefits you can gain from outsourcing a cleaning service, it’s time to pick the best option for you. Brighter Clean can be your primary solution for all your commercial floor cleaning needs. Contact us without second guessing and receive your quote right away!

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